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Mazda just announced an unusual recall on one of their most popular models: the Mazda6. Nearly 50,000, 2009 and 2010 Mazdas are being retracted because an issue in the fuel line. The problem? Spiders. After more than a dozen Mazda6 owners returned to their dealerships because the engine warning light appeared on their dashboard, Mazda […]

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Best In Snow

Who doesn’t want to feel safe while traveling this winter? Whether you’re going out of town to visit relatives or just heading to the store for more Christmas decorations, being secure in your car is always a top priority. While there isn’t much you can do about those crazy drivers out on the roads, you […]

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2010 Top Safety Picks

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is an independent, non-profit research organization funded by auto insurers. The IIHS contains a crash test facility called the Vehicle Research Center (VRC), which is the focus of most of the Institute’s vehicle-related examinations. IIHS assess vehicles on performance in high-speed front and side crash tests, a rollover […]

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